Tuesday, 3 July 2012

CC, AoE, los......why don't they just use morse?!

It felt good running around Middle-Earth, killing everything in site.......well, I had to practise shooting my still-roughly-clean arrows.......... and that's what a ranger has to do, right? So there I was just about to take aim when I receive a 'whisper' (a 'whisper' is a private message that you get from another player) "Hey, we need a cc, want to join?"  A what?  What the hell is a 'cc'? .....a chocolate cookie? Why would anybody ask for a chocolate cookie or may be a cranberry crisp in the middle of Middle-Earth! (pun!) I thought they were reserved for dragons........well, the ones in SL, that is. They seemed to  love them there!.......Anyway.....'cc'.....why do people presume that others know what on earth you're talking about. I had no clue what a 'cc' was! So not to appear the 'noob' (beginner.....shhh.....which I was!) I said "Sure, why not?" and galloped my way to where they were all waiting. So my elf turned on the leader and said "So, what is it that I have to do again?" emphasising that I've just come from a gruelling bout of orc slaying and was kind of unsure of what he had just asked me (fibber!) So he proceeded to tell me that he needed some crowd control.  Ooooooh, so THAT'S what is was! Crowd Control! The elusive 'cc'.

........and that was my introduction to MMO terms and, wow, is there a list! I asked around and was given a site that just pulled my socks off. How was I supposed to remember all those terms?! AoE, los, kos and the list goes on and on. I never imagined playing MMOs would be so complicated. I've done my best, but I still don't know all of them and you kind of have to know them if you're going play and you can't expect those long time players to have to type everything single word in chat if they'd like you to do something. (wow, that's one long sentence, take a deep breath and read it - that's how frustrated I felt!!) 

Yet those veteran players shouldn't presume that every player is an old fogie player. We, the noobies, need some leeway. Ask us. Say whatever you have to say and then ask "D'ya know what cc/AoE is?" depending on what's required. Easy.....and we, the noobies, if in doubt will ask "What the hell are you talking about?" Easy.

Oh how communication has changed! Gone are the days of morse code. Though that's how it all appeared to me as I went down the endless list of terms. AoE in morse  - dot dash dash dash dash dot - oh blimey! *sighs*

Well, I've got to pull up my socks and get down to the wire because GW2 is on the horizon and I plan to dive into WvWvW and achieve something big. If there are any new players reading this post, or rather, new to MMOs never fear, you'll get the hang of it.......eventually! So for the new adventurers out there I've pasted a link below which you might find handy........take heart, you're not the only one!