Friday, 29 June 2012

Why blog? Why call it the Full Moon?

I always thought of having a go at blogging, but I was too lazy. You know how you get those incredible stories in your head, but somehow they seem to remain there. It's like "Yeah....I'll write that, but I'll do it tomorrow" and then tomorrow dawns bright and early and the story is still there, but the fingers won't type. It was when I was looking through all those pictures I've *cough* posed for and all those I still intend posing for now that a new dawn has broken and Guild Wars 2 is vaguely seen shimmering on the not-so-distant horizon and I thought "it's now or never" and that pent up greatness just popped out! So here I am a couple of posts later. Not bad, not bad at all!

Now why call it the Full Moon. Well, strange things happen when the full moon is out. Wolves howl, faeries go a-fluttering, ghosts glide eerily on midnight breezes and I created avatars that did weird things, like change into neko-tiger-dragon-faery-mermaid-skeletal cat and the list goes on. Now though, my radar has changed direction. I'm not going to transform "myself" into weird and wonderful creatures, but I'm going to extend my heritage and  become a heroine. Let me rephrase that, I already am a heroine (GW1 and all the other extraordinary worlds I've played in). I am just going to transpose myself into a more dynamic and multi-layer universe - drum roll - da daaaa - Guild Wars 2!......... I must say I am feeling extremely clever, I guess it's all that coffee!

........and like all those other expectant pre-purchasers, yesterday I received that long awaited email. Two months is not long and with a BWE in between is enough to keep me happy. Now all I have to do is flesh out my already known character name, character, dive into the lore of GW2 and I'm ready to rock n' roll!

.......and so let me put it to you "What is your story?" *chuckles*


  1. I *love* the lore of Tyria - I never thought I would but it suddenly grabbed me and pulled me in. I've read the books (well, one and a half them - they are pretty poorly written so its becoming a drag finishing the second if I'm honest) and trawled the web and so far the best thing I've found is Woodenpotatoes YouTube series of Guild Wars 2 Daily videos for catching up on all the lore that will directly affect new-comers to Tyria (such as me). On top of that I'm slowly chewing through his brilliant "Let's Play..." series to see just what happened in the whole of Guild Wars 1 from "Prophecies" to "Beyond".

    You should check him out here:

  2. p.s. Are you the same Ama from Steelhead & Caledon in SL?

    1. I did visit Caledon a couple of times, but I've never been to Steelhead. My name Ama is short for Amarille, my friends shortened the name because it had too many vowels! :-)

      I managed to get through both books. They weren't too bad. I did enjoy getting to know the legendary heroes, but I wasn't too thrilled with how Destiny's Edge ended. I really enjoy Woodenpotatoes's series, he has nicely linked the two eras together. Now I'm doing more homework by reading up on the race I've decided to be.....a Norn Ranger (I'll create all of them eventually :-p).I guess this all stems from Lotro - having a history.

      p.s I was reading that we'll be able to access stuff even when we're off line....may be like Lotro. In GW we couldn't do that. Nice!

      p.p.s. I'm still reading your last post where you sent a link to your stories. They are really good, they keep you hooked......I'm really enjoying them! :-)

  3. Hi mate - so glad you're enjoying the stories & i can't wait to read yours from Tyria :-D

    By the by, did you get my comment on your swimming post?

    1. Yes, I did! :-) I get all your posts! And I think I replied to it.....

      Let us venture forth into the land of Tyria, where all shall sit by the fireside and listen to the legend of our worth! :-D

  4. I only ask as I can't see it. I can see the two (one from me and then one from you) but my third one has been eaten it seems - it may be being held for moderation as I put a few links in it.

  5. Fixed it! Thank you for pointing it out. I hadn't realized being new to blogging and all!

    I went to Blue Mars too! :-) was getting a bit tired of SL and wanted to see what other worlds were around! :-)