Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Beginnings! (Pt 3. cont)

One of the things that had me confused were the sheer number of skills to choose from. Having skills belonging to another profession was fun, but confusing and most of the time I'd end up using the same ones........and I always believed it was quite hard to shoot a moving target, so why wasn't I able to move while shooting my arrows! I had realized that in LOTRO and it appeared to be happening in GW1. I wanted to fire my arrows and move, standing around got me nicely clobbered! 

Yet when all is said and done, GW1 had and still has charm. I bought all the campaigns and the expansion pack. I read about the different races and the lore and it just drew me in and the wonderful thing was that I could play it when ever I wanted to. I didn't feel pressured into having to play my money's worth.

Having said that, it's not like I didn't try any other MMOs.

The next one on the list was SWTOR.

Now that got me hooked because it was, well sci-fi and because I grew up watching the old Star Wars movies, not to mention that I had fallen in love with Han Solo and I always wanted to be a Jedi......and, come on, who wouldn't want to wield a lightsaber! The graphics of the game were amazing. The characters just shall I put this.....rounded. No, actually, they remind me a bit of clay models. Exploring the planets was fun, combat wasn't too bad and I loved having a speeder, but having to wait on other people to be able to do the Flashpoints and Heroics to get better gear and xp, wasn't too great. It got old having to wait around hoping somebody would pick up the same Flashpoint, so I ended up skipping them and did the personal story and side quests instead.

The personal story was good, be it Jedi or Syth, though I have to be honest here.......I preferred Syth Inquisitor, the story was more interesting. I didn't try PvP much......I guess I just came across the unfair players. Though I do wonder.....what satisfaction is there in a high level player competing against a low level player? I doubt there's much of a challenge, but then again I guess there are those players who get a kick out of spoiling the fun for others. Needless to say, I stuck to PvE........and then again the questing seemed to be the same as every other MMOs I tired - pick it up from A, travel to B, take out C and travel back to A again. So what I would end up doing was pick up as many quests as I could that more-or-less took me to the same area and then just have to travel back once, but still that was a bugger because I'd be half way across some planet and then have to return again down the same path having to slaughter again all the mobs that I had just slaughter only a short while before. The most annoying one for me was having to go through the camp of the SandPeople on Tattoonie. I had to really watch myself and not get owned before getting to the end of it, otherwise I would have to do it all again and it was quite a job to get through their entire camp.......and this is, incidentally, what happened to me, but then I was corpse camped right at the very end.......the last quest on my bonus list......what I needed at that point was a bazooka!!

I made a number of alts on SWTOR to try out all the personal stories, but at one point it got tiring having to go through the same side quests over again. So, I guess, when a game starts feeling like a long grind and more of a chore rather than fun, it's time to move on!

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