Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Beginnings! (Pt.3)

Now that I knew what MMOs were I decided to scout around for more. One of the things I had really come to enjoy about them was seeing the other people running around and I enjoyed watching tournaments. It was just so much fun watching skilled players having a go at it. Sometimes the fights seemed to go on forever. Combat took on a whole new meaning watching players who really knew what they were doing.

Anyway off I journeyed, riding my virtual surfboard until I finally spotted shore.

Guild Wars loomed on the horizon. No subscription. What? Are you serious?!

So, a game with no monthly subscription. Well, you can imagine what kind of game that would be!!

I loved it!

I was never one to group up with people. Most of the time when I did, I would always end up doing what others wanted to do or rather they would expect you to join their group and they wouldn't even ask whether you wanted to or not. I mean I thought MMOs were a form of getting to know people, you know that sense of community, but, honestly, it wasn't much fun when others would harvest the node you were just about to get or loot the kill you just made not forgetting half of the xps they would receive. So jumping into GW1 and being in your own personal instance was quite a novelty.

To me everything about GW1 was a novelty. I chose to be a ranger. Why? Well, obviously I have this thing about arrows, but then again I enjoyed the idea of having a pet. Though it wasn't much fun when Tigger would die on me and most of the time I would forget to revive him and move off. That was a bit of a bugger because then I would have to trudge back to get him.
Ranger of Tyria
I didn't know anything about the lore of Tyria. I had no idea of the geography so it was exciting reaching new areas and uncovering the map. Though, I have to be honest, it did get lonely. I was in a guild, but as is often the case people go about doing their own thing. I didn't really mind the instances, but, let's face it, it's fun watching other people running around, it makes the world feel alive, but the only time I would see people was in the cities or outposts.
Lion's Arch

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